Velocity VR & Corporate Team Building

Decorative Slanted Bars

When a team builder becomes a team energizer.

Velocity VR is an entertaining, challenging and fun way to solidify the importance of team collaboration and goal achievement. Teammates communicate, focus on developing team roles and they have a blast while they play! You and your coworkers compete (on teams) against each other. Everyone will work on developing a stronger sense of camaraderie, rapport, & team unity!

Zombie Guide

Our two-round gaming strategy, is designed to benefit your company and employees. During the first round, each player becomes familiar with the Zombie Survival game and this allows them to rack up points throughout the second round. The down time between games becomes a learning experience. Our event coordinators walk each team through our Team Building and Gaming Guide. This will bond the team and solidify their collaboration, problem solving skills and team trust.

While players are individually scored… in the end, those scores are added together to provide an overall winning team. Awards, medals and celebratory packages are available. Contact our Corporate Event Manager to help you determine the program that will best complement your company‚Äôs needs.