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Are There Height Or Weight Limitations?

We will do our best to accommodate drivers of most sizes, but certain minimum and maximum height restrictions apply. Generally, height can range from 4’6″ (54″) to 7′ (84″). We do not have a minimum weight standard but generally will not be able to accommodate persons in excess of 300 lbs depending on size of their frame. Our pit crew will make the final determination on a driver’s ability to safely participate on our race track. Racers under the age of 18 are required to have a parent present to sign a written consent form.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Enjoy Octane Raceway?

There is no minimum age to race at Octane Raceway, but all racers must be at least 54” tall and ready to race with closed toe shoes. We offer a wide variety of entertainment options for everyone to be able to enjoy themselves… competitive indoor kart racing, video games and more. Children under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Do I Have To Bring Anything To Drive?

Octane Raceway provides each racer with everything you need to take the wheel, including a balaclava (sanitary head-sock), helmet, and European style race kart.

What Should I Wear To Race?

Octane Raceway requires its drivers to wear closed toed shoes with suitable traction to avoid accidentally slipping off the gas or break pedals of the kart. For ladies, we do not recommend skirts or dresses.

Can I Bring And/Or Wear My Own Racing Gear?

Racers are allowed to bring their own race gear which may include their own race suit, full face helmet, driving gloves, rib protector, and racing shoes. All customer-provided equipment is subject to inspection by the Octane Raceway staff and must conform to minimum industry safety standards.

Can I Buy My Own Race Gear?

Our guests are encouraged to buy their own equipment as this will ensure that they will enjoy the best fit and comfort while racing. The Octane Raceway ProShop carries a selection of racing helmets and gloves to satisfy our race enthusiasts.

Do I Have To Sign Anything?

Yes, Octane Raceway wants our customers to know that racing on our race track is an inherently dangerous activity. All customers are required to sign a standard waiver form that acknowledges our release from liability. Failure to sign the waiver will disqualify you from participating in any racing activities.

We’re Hosting A Party At Octane Raceway. Can We Bring In Food And Beverages?

No outside food or beverages are permitted in the facility, with the exception of birthday parties, for which a birthday cake may be brought in. Octane Raceway offers catering services for any event, which can be tailored to your group and budget.

Do You Have Day-Care?

Octane Raceway does not offer day-care or baby-sitting services.

Do You Serve Alcohol?

Octane Raceway serves beer, wine & liquor. We encourage responsible drinking by patrons AFTER they are done driving, but do not allow any driver to participate in racing if they have consumed in excess of 2 alcoholic beverages during the course of their visit to Octane Raceway. We reserve the right to breathalyze all racers. Any patron suspected of being impaired will be asked to take a breathalyzer test. Failure to take the test or the presence of alcohol in excess of .05 BAC will disqualify a patron’s participation in any racing for the remainder of their visit.