The Perfect Arrive and Shoot Event

Decorative Slanted Bars

The Perfect Arrive and Shoot | Team Building Event | Social Event
Looking for something different, the ultimate activity, party, social event or team builder… You’ll find it in Velocity VR’s Sol Raiders! Don’t plan your next birthday party, company outing, team or corporate event, without giving serious consideration to our new Player VS Play game. Our wireless, free roam, virtual reality arena will make your kids cheer, your co-works rejoice and they’ll thank you for the effort.

Energize your friends, family and team members with the ultimate team verse team competition. Pick your side, orange or blue and then get ready for combat! Traverse three different worlds while you accomplish team goals and take down the enemy. Employees will get to know each other better through team pride, friends will come together in the heat of battle and kids will learn the value of communication and camaraderie.

Our team building programs are proven to promote healthy competition, boost moral, and improve communication skills. So why just have another party or event when you can have an experience! You can build the perfect occasion with Velocity VR’s Sol Raiders!

Corporate Entities Consider:

  • Boost morale and motivate your team members
  • Increase productivity and communication
  • Improve problem solving and decision-making
  • Encourage cooperation and group interaction

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