Keep Your Resolutions

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New Year's Resolutions

It’s a ‘new year’ and most people want a fresh start, so they put their annual resolutions into effect. We are going to provide you with a few (tongue-in-cheek) activities that you can try in order to keep your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t give up just yet!

The Most Common 2017 Resolutions:

#10 Travel to new places
Located off the 101 and Talking Stick Way, Octane Raceway can be your “new place”. Even if you’ve been here before, our 2016 upgrades will make it feel like “new”.

#9 Be less stressed
Exercise and other physical activity (like kart racing) produce endorphins. Endorphins improve the ability to sleep, which in turn can reduces stress. So, book your race or just stop by our bar.

#8 Read More
We’ve been updating our blog. Now, you can “Read More“.

#7 Learn something exciting & new
Did you know that Octane hosted 159 group events is December of 2016. That is “exciting” and it’s “new” information to you.

#6 Save more money
Each month, Octane consistently offers deals and discounts. This month you can “save” with a 25% of t-shirts deal and a $40 race and play pack.

#5 Spend more time with family and friends
An arcade, grill, bar, racing, bowling and an incredible outdoor patio… Octane Raceway has something for everyone! Your “family and friends” will love it here.

#4 Exercise more
Some drivers can find themselves exhausted after a few exciting races. It’s also a serious workout for the “core” muscles and requires complete focus. Racing is “exercise”.

#3 Eat Better
Our Baja 1000 Chicken Salad is the way to “eat better”. We started with field baby greens and then added a chicken breast, black beans, pico de gallo, roasted corn and tortillas chips. We finished this dish by topping it cheddar & jack cheese and a cilantro ranch dressing.

#2 Enjoy life to the fullest
Octane has a third mile track which winds inside and outside. It is the only full time indoor/outdoor track in the United States. We are open for business 365 days a year for public and corporate events. We are a great way to “enjoy life to the fullest”.

#1 Not give-up on my resolutions
See we can help.