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*10% discount valid for new group events occurring between 12/1/2019 and 12/23/2019, must book holiday party package, for new group events, Monday – Thursday only, minimum 8 guests, max discount $500.

Your staff is your most valuable resource and showing them exactly how much you appreciate their work will produce better employees. Octane Raceway (located in Scottsdale, Arizona) offers the ideal mix of upscale entertainment and exciting kart racing. Our beautiful indoor and outdoor facility is second to none. A corporate event or holiday party at Octane Raceway is just what your staff needs in order to revitalize themselves.

If you’ve spent any time in the corporate world, you’ve attended the standard team building meeting or staff party. You and your employees are run through a few activities and the whole time everyone is thinking, “Why do we do the same thing year, after year?”

You want your business to be more efficient and your workers to enjoy their jobs. That’s why you hold these corporate team building events and appreciation gatherings. However, they are starting to feel stale and no one wants to participate. Don’t get me wrong, team-building events and company parties should have some long term takeaways. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun!

You should book your team outing at Octane Raceway. An Octane event is not your standard corporate affair. It is an incredible team-building experience that uses competition to create camaraderie. A successful team building event can separate company barriers and improve compatibility between your associates. Octane offers a number of fun and competitive challenges that will leave your whole company wanting more.

Octane Raceway is the perfect way for your employees to have fun, become acquainted with each other, while giving your business that added internal boost. Best of all, Octane has some incredible meeting spaces that allow your company to convene before or after racing. Octane Raceway will give your business the ideal blend of fun, food, drinks and entertainment. More importantly, you will never have to sit through another dull corporate party or lackluster team building event!

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