The Best Places to Work Come to Octane

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The best companies in the valley know that when their employees are able to cultivate relationships and connect with each other on a personal level, it can have a profound affect on their business. Having a company outing is often the catalyst for genuine team chemistry. A Mashable article recently stated, “Sometimes we need to let loose and not feel like we can’t say something to someone because they’re a superior. Outings facilitate conversations between people across various departments and throughout the company hierarchy.”

Giving employees time to socialize increases productivity for two main reasons. First, it lets built lets workers understand each other better. They lose the formality of a work environment. Second, the time away from the office gives them an opportunity to focus their attention on other things, which can have a therapeutic effect and cultivates personal interactions.

A study conducted by the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick found, “…happiness made people around 12% more productive.” Professor Andrew Oswald who led the study commented, “companies like Google have invested more in employee support and employee satisfaction has risen as a result. For Google, it rose by 37%, they know what they are talking about.” This is why Google continues to be the leader within their vertical and is consistently voted one of the best places to work in the country!

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