5 Things to Do While Enjoying Cactus League Baseball

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2019 Spring Break Hours:  Early open at 9am March 9th-17th!  Sunday March 10th and 17th 9am-10pm.  

Reservations are recommended during spring break: BOOK A RACE

Watch a Practice
If you’re like us… a little adventurous and an off the track enthusiast, consider taking in a Cactus League practice. Visiting your favorite team without the crowds and admission price could be just what you need. http://www.springtrainingonline.com/2015-spring-training-workout-schedules/

Visit all the Ballparks
Arizona provides some amazing Spring Training options and all 15 team facilities are located relatively close to one another. This means you can visit a number of your favorite teams during one trip. Some people even try to attend two games in one day. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1xtVP7c14Y9AH5Qv7Lbl-sP2pSpY&hl=en&usp=sharing

Sit on the Lawn
The great thing about Spring Training ballparks is that they were built for the fans. Lawn seating is perfect for the family that wants to soak up some sun. Let your game consist of blankets, beach towels and sunscreen. Lawn seating in the outfield lets the kids run around with their gloves, while mom and dad enjoy the game. https://saltriverfields.com/salt-river-field-map-pricing/

Take in the Sites
There are a number of incredible things to see in Arizona. Consider a drive to the Grand Canyon or visit Montezuma Castle National Monument, Sedona or Tombstone Arizona. This state provides everything from adventurous getaways to quiet scenic views. http://www.visitarizona.com/

Come to Octane Raceway
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