2020 Annual Food drive

Decorative Slanted Bars

Bring in five canned food items and get $10 Off Two Races or One Velocity VR Session.

Most people don’t realize that Arizona’s hunger rates are higher than national average.  17.8% of Arizonans are food insecure, which means they are not sure where their next meal is coming from. Also, 28.2% of Arizonan children face hunger on a daily and most only guaranteed to receive a nutritious meal at school. Arizona ranks third in the country for child food insecurity, behind New Mexico and Mississippi, with 456,760 children facing hunger on a daily basis.

This November, Octane Raceway continues its Annual Food Drive tradition.  Our “Stock the Car” campaign is designed to fill our on-site NASCAR with canned food. On your next visit bring in five cans of food and you’ll receive $10 off two races or $10 off one Velocity VR session*. Please no expired food donations.

Together, we can help feed our community and ensure that our neighbors have good holiday season.