Fastest Lap; Public Race Format.  Also available for group events

This is the standard indoor kart race format at Octane Raceway, which gives all levels of skill, from novice to advanced, a chance to experience the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush.   The most popular for those groups that just want to get out and have some fun!   The drivers get in the karts in a random order and race for a set number of laps. The driver with the best lap wins the race.

Premium/Exclusive Track :  Available only for group events

Pole Position Format
This format brings out the competitive nature in all, as drivers compete for position, not time.  Pole Position format is where drivers initially race qualifying laps and are then lined up according to their best lap times.  The green flag drops and they’re off!  Racers then compete in a main heat and the winner is determined by the racer who finishes in front of the pack.