Event Enhancements

Time to TURBOCHARGE your event!   These additional activities at Octane Raceway are made available only to groups and team building events.   Choose one or several to customize your outing, and create one of the most memorable events ever!


 $300 per hour

One of the most popular action-packed events at Octane Raceway is the Phoenix International Raceway Pit Crew Challenge, which is available as an additional enhancement to any of our group or team building experience packages.
Get into the action with this fast-paced , hands-on team builder.  Complete a full pit stop with your pit crew on a real NASCAR!  Perfect for group events, racing-theme parties, or any event looking for a little competition.
Jump over the Pit Wall – Jack up the car – Change the tires – First to finish or fastest time wins!


$5 per person or $95 per hour

Groups looking for challenge that’s slightly slower paced frequently choose the Segway Performance Course.  The world’s first self-balancing personal transporter, the Segway uses gyroscopes, tilt sensors, and electric motors to balance by itself, enabling its rider to control the machine simply by leaning.
Navigate Octane Raceway’s slalom Segway Performance Course for fastest time and least penalty points!


$5 for attempts p.p. or $95 per hour

Those who want to incorporate a physical challenge into their event can take a shot at scaling our professionally designed Rock Wall.   Climb individually or competitively as teams for fastest ascent to the top!
Our wall is over 21 feet tall and provides a challenging and safe indoor rock climbing experience for all level of climbers. The Rock Wall features four climbing stations, each with a state of the art auto-belay system to ensure our climbers' safety.